Quality Sound Guitar Cable, with Right Angle Plug

Wow! Ideal Guitar and Bass Livewire Cable – Pristine Sound, Minimum Interference and Low Capacitance – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee



GET THAT IDEAL SOUND! The 1/4 inch thickness of the plug offers the best possible sound transfer thanks to its quality shielding. No more interference, rustling and other unwanted noises when you play!
DESIGNED FOR EXCELLENCE! The new In-Out technology ensures that there is minimal signal loss, as it ensures low capacitance. Perfect sound for an ideal price!

DURABLE AND EFFICIENT! The 6″ long guitar cables will suit most of your needs with minimal sound loss. The right angle plug is ideal for pedalboards. These cables will serve you for years!
HIGHEST QUALITY! The best cables are not determined by price, but by design and careful manufacturing. We ensure ideal sound without breaking the bank.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! If you don’t like our guitar cables we give you your money back. Take advantage of our solid, risk-free offer now and enjoy the best sound your guitar ever created!